DUBTEL Completes Clearent Certification

DUBTEL Completes Clearent Certification

Clearent LLC is an innovator in payments technology that strives to provide the best service, with no hidden costs or terms. Credit card processing should be simple for your business and Clearent is dedicated to partnering with companies around the country to bring your establishment the very best rates and experience.


What it Means to be Certified

In order for the DUBTEL point-of-sale system to be able to process credit card transactions for merchant, the POS has to communicate with a credit card processing firm—like Clearent—to move the funds from the customer’s credit card, into your business. In order to do this, the point-of-sale system must be certified by the processor. Ideally, your point-of-sale would be networked with the best processor for the best possible rate. This means more of your funds can go back into your business, instead of going to fees. DUBTEL is committed to finding the best processor for your business and getting you the best rate possible.


What it Means for You

As a customer of DUBTEL, we can ensure that you will receive impeccable customer service, the best possible rates, and the processing speed you need in order to keep your business running smoothly. No matter who the customer, what the order, and how large the transaction, DUBTEL is working hard to ensure that you get the very best from your payment processing for your specific industry—DUBTEL is launching a Retail, Cafe, Restaurant and Bar POS.


A Local Business with You in Mind

Our knowledgeable, local staff here at DUBTEL is connected to Clearent, so that no matter what your question is, local support staff can get answers to questions about your business, transactions, financials, processing and more within just 24 hours.

If you need support for your DUBTEL system, please call:


DUBTEL Support at 1-866-229-1605, ext. 1.

DUBTEL is building the next generation point-of-sale solutions for retail, cafe, restaurant and bar. Request a demo today!