DUBTEL has endeavored to bring innovation to small businesses and has recently made massive strides in doing so. With that interest in mind, DUBTEL has partnered with Apple to bring omni-channel solutions to small businesses on a national scale. Starting in the test markets of Ohio, Colorado, New York and New Jersey, Apple and DUBTEL will be launching software and hardware solutions to small retail and hospitality businesses and franchises with the aim of skyrocketing their ROI and sales.

This partnership will allow DUBTEL to develop new point-of-sale products that can further our goals to optimize and expand businesses and franchises like never before. To this end, Apple is looking forward to distributing the hardware and software solutions that DUBTEL offers as new solutions continue to roll out to the public.

Apple has agreed to extend their lease agreement to our customers so the hardware is immediately accessible, no matter the size or scale of your business. This will allow the small business owner to immediately procure the solution that will help drive sales and profits, without having to worry about massive principle costs.

The advantages of the financing options that Apple provides are numerous. Among these benefits, you’ll see that since technology life cycles are different for every company, no matter the size, so you can find and select the payment structure that fits you best. Thanks to this, your loadout of products can stay up to date so you never have too worry about compatibility issues and costs associated with having multiple generations of technology.

Apple Financial Services allows for more than just proprietary hardware, software, services and gear, so you can get the items that suit your needs perfectly, without having to juggle multiple different payments or lessors.

Apple Financial Services focuses on your current cash flow and bases your payments on that. You will never be asked to pay more than you’re able to pay, and your equipment will always be there to work for you. This also means that you can add to or extend your lease at any time during the term, so you always have what you need when you need it.

DUBTEL, in partnership with Apple, is building the next generation point-of-sale solutions for retail, cafe, restaurant and bar. Request a demo today!

Cincinnati State Technical and Community College has run a program for Cooperative Employment since 1969. It is a mandatory and integral part of the two-year programs they offer. Cincinnati State’s was the first one to be such and now boasts more than 500 employers in the Greater Cincinnati area and across the country in partnership with their program.

The Cooperative Employment program—or Co-Op—gives students the opportunity to work for businesses in an internship role. This gives them the opportunity to get a more practical experience to pair with the career skills they’ve been learning in their classroom curriculum at Cincinnati State. Pairing workplace and industry experience send these students out into the world with a working knowledge of the field in which they wish to thrive.

These experiences are more than just a leg up on getting into the industry of the students’ choosing. The employers are given the opportunity to specifically tailor the 15-week work experience to the curriculum of the student. This provides an experience that is personal and fulfilling for each student. In many successful cases, these Co-Op experiences often lead to job offers within the company where they’ve interned.

To thank the businesses that have partnered with Cincinnati State in this effort, CSTCC hosted a breakfast event in The Summit restaurant in their Northside campus on Friday morning, April 26th, 2019. Representatives from businesses in the area convened in the dining room at The Summit, where Adam Waits was the MC.

Monica Posey, EdD welcomed attendees and thanked them for their contributions to the program and for helping to keep it so successful. The keynote speaker Jules Shumate energetically greeted guests and gave a presentation on the percentages of successful Co-Ops and employment offers directly pursuant to those Co-Ops. Additionally, guests were introduced to the Cincinnati Intern Network Connection and directed to cincinnatichamber.com/hellocincy for information, events, and tools for Co-Op employers and interns.

Cincinnati Intern Network Connection (pronounced “sync”), will host free-of-charge events throughout summer of 2019 to offer interns the time to be social with other program participants, to network, and to learn tips and information from program graduates who will also be in attendance.

On June 18th, The Summer Kickoff [https://www.cincinnatichamber.com/events-programs/event-details?EventCode=C1906CINC] will give interns the opportunity to connect and learn from former participants with food provided.

On July 20th, The Riverboat Social [https://www.cincinnatichamber.com/events-programs/event-details?EventCode=C1907CINC] will offer the opportunity for hundreds of interns to mingle, eat, drink and take in a scenic cruise down the Ohio River.

On July 18th, join CINC for an FC Cincinnati [https://www.cincinnatichamber.com/events-programs/event-details?EventCode=C1907CINC2] tailgate party, then attend the game and mingle with other interns and co-ops!

On July 23rd, interns will get to take a tour of one of Cincinnati’s most famous attractions when they join for Out in the Wilf[life] at Cincinnati Zoo [https://www.cincinnatichamber.com/events-programs/event-details?EventCode=C1907CINC3]!

On October 24th, CINC will host a massive event at Union Terminal with a career and activity fair, at which employers will be able to pitch to students in attendance, students will be able to get consultation and advice on building a strong resume that will land them the jobs they want. Local food vendors will be in on site to serve attendees from 27 local schools and many more local businesses.

DUBTEL is proud to have been one of the many businesses involved in the Cincinnati State Cooperative Education program. Since becoming a part of this program in 2018, DUBTEL has hosted three interns who have gotten to experience the inner workings of a tech startup, to experience a corporate workplace culture, and to learn outside-the-box solutions to problems that can present themselves when working on projects of this nature.

Thanks to the staff, management and interns at DUBTEL, they’ve been able to make innovations for our partners, clients, staff and the Cincinnati community. Additionally, DUBTEL is building the next generation point-of-sale solutions for retail, cafe, restaurant and bar.

Request a demo today! [https://dubtel.com/request-demo/]