DUBTEL Announces the Launch of Cafe Point-of-Sale

DUBTEL Announces the Launch of Cafe POS

In April of 2019, DUBTEL is announcing the official launch of the Cafe point-of-sale system. This system is formulated specifically for cafes and franchises who are looking to service their customers and to expand their business rapidly.

DUBTEL, who currently offers point-of-sale systems that are tailored for restaurants, bars and retail locations, is proud to be launching a system that was designed with the cafe in mind. We worked closely with our Café customers to define features needed in a next generation café POS. Everything a cafe owner, manager or franchisee could possibly need is integrated into this system.

Once this custom system is loaded onto state-of-the-art hardware, integrated with QuickBooks, and installed in your business, you are immediately ready to run transactions that update across your entire system and QuickBooks in real time.

Whether your cafe sells customizable menu items, complex drinks, brand merchandise, or a little bit of everything, this system is specifically tailored to your inventory! DUBTEL allows you to monitor inventory as it comes and goes, to track customer information, to assign purchases to existing customers for loyalty programs, to keep tabs on financials, and so much more.

The layout of your menu and inventory is simplified and streamlined with this system so adding items to your customer’s order is as simple as the press of a button. Once your customers are in the door, our system will help you to get them everything they need so you have a satisfied and recurring customer!

DUBTEL helps you to provide exemplary service to your customers without worry about other aspects of your business. Once this system is integrated with your business, all your back-office and business operations become streamlined so you can focus on your customers, and getting them what they need.

Café and franchise owners who purchase the DUBTEL Café POS also receive a revolutionary Ecommerce Site and Mobile App for their café and franchise. Sales on the Café Ecommerce site and Mobile App are tracked and managed through the POS inventory management system as well as QuickBooks.

Make the best decision for your cafe today and implement DUBTEL into your operations!

DUBTEL is building the next generation point-of-sale solutions for retail, cafe, restaurant and bar. Request a demo today!