Sales Tracking

Track all the sales for your
business in real time so you
can keep your business
growing and thriving.

Inventory Management

Closely monitor your inventory
so you can supply your
customers with everything
they count on your to provide!

QuickBooks Integration

Seamlessly move sales data
into your QuickBooks account
so nothing is lost in

Consumer App

Allow your customers to
purchase from home or office
for delivery or in-store pickup!

E-Commerce Store

A complete digital
strategy, right out of
the box. Easily and fully
integrate it with your
inventory system


Increase Sales

Track and organize your sales, inventory and more so your efficiency increases and sales are never lost!

Drive Customer Loyalty &

When your system works this smoothly, more of your attention can be spent on making your customers feel right at home.

Sell More & Worry Less

When all your transactions are organized and monitored with our system, you never have to
worry. No matter how many sales you put through our POS, we can handle it!

Sell as a team

Manage sales from multiple POS units in one easy-to-read location, so every member of your team is on the right page. No one misses a beat!


QuickBooks App

Take QuickBooks with you. Track sales, organize expenses, send invoice, and more right from your device.

Upload Product Photos

Give your clients and sales staff a visual for your inventory with customizable product images for every listing.

Online System Access

Easily manage sales and all system information via our web portal so you hold all the power and the system works for you.

Keep Customer Records

Keep track of your customers� information effortlessly and keep it updated across your whole system in real time.



Our specialized development allows you to manage large, multi-location users with ease.

Table Service

We offer customized features and a flexible interface so you can increase efficiency and accuracy in the front end and back of house.

Quick Checkout

Unmatched user-friendly technology that�s easy to learn and use to maximize speed and service.

Payment Processing

Integrate your system with the payment processor of your choice, so you�re getting the best deal on credit card transaction fees.